Nouvelle Vague

by Nebraska

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Debut EP.
Recorded at Goldfish Studio.
Mixed and mastered by Guillermo Laorga in Madrid, Spain.

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released April 1, 2015



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Nebraska Madrid, Spain

Melodic Hardcore from Madrid, Spain.

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Track Name: Nebraska
Suffocates the silence
as in the edges of a haiku
in the winter of your smile.

Now you don´t exist.
Now we have never met.
Track Name: Donnie Darko (ft. Guillermo Laorga from Memories)
Memories in my mind, an empty corner in my heart.
Feelings that remind us, who we where.
Birthdays that are never coming back
And, oh time: Do you fucking hate me?

Years fly, and my heart
have been dividing in pieces
that now I can´t find.
And a part of me is lost because.
Growing up means change
and change means to lose,
and if I will lose my memories
I don´t wanna change.

Time don´t hate me.
How long until those fragments
rejoining to us.
One by one
into our hearts.

Where´s my kid inside?

The illusion and inocence
now are part of the past.
It´s time of remain
and regret.
It changed to me too fast.

Now our life It´s just confussion,
but what you see It´s not an illusion
so rip out the page
and forget.

And you have to understand
life is not what you pretend.
And you have to choose your way
don´t look back at yesterday.

Now I have to say goodbye to my bad memories
And leave behind the past.
Track Name: Scarecrow (ft. Enrique Rivas from Dremenuart)
Hate in me!

Hate in me, angst through my veins
can you hear me scream? Nothing will stop me.

Steps as earthquakes making me be heard.
Destruction in my eyes being in your nightmares.

Are you scared?
This is what I´ve expected.
You´re just a coward
and I see the fear in you.
I´ll be your end, I´ll be your perdition.
Let me tell you the truth.

The truth´s that in life fear is more than a obstacle.
The fear´s a teacher the first one you ever had.

And with fear we live.

And we all get what we deserve
the time is against you.
And someday you will be forced to embrace fear.
For the quiet and meaningless truth
It is consider this a prophecy
and consider me the prophet.

No one will escape cause I see you.


Learn from chasing after your shadow
otherwise you´ll go.
Blind, just staring into the Sun.

Life is about carving your dreams
in a shadowgraph with trembling hands.

Here we are standing like Scarecrows
Waiting for you to come for our crops.
There you are looking at the same clocks
instead of running away from us all.
Track Name: Tom Sawyer
Ask me why I´ve been fighting
for all my life and I´ll doubt.
All my life thinking about
the purpose of life, but there´s no purpose.

We fight constantly for what we belive.
We can´t stop, we were born to suffer.

I can´t find myself,
we drown in a sea of hypocresy.
While the rest laugh on our face.
With nothing to lose
with all to change.

No one will fight for you,
no one will be your savior.

I´m not stronger than the rest.
I´m the one who always stand.

I´m not the one who let the time goes by.
I´m the one who is always constant.

What are you fighting for?

I have so much weight on my back
I resist cause I´ts my own path,
i try to do the best I know,.

I have so much weight on my back
I resist cause I´ts my own path,
i try to do the best I know,.
I do the best i know.

The time passes for me
but never change this suffering.
Because I heard the blue Hell.
I felt the cold,
Nebraska my home.

The time passes for me
but never change this suffering.
Because I heard the blue Hell.

I See the cold, myself, your home.
Track Name: Jean-Baptiste
And as waves come and go.
Change the people that we know.
Tides are always getting closer,
and without a warning they go.

Maybe It´s not our will
but in the end they disappear.
so we become just sand wet
by the memories we lived.

Little waves are not remembered,
they just pass by as bird through the sky.

Though the big ones are,
the ones that leave
the deepest mark.

For better or for worse
we have to deal with both.
But if you´re as weak as coward
you just have to take the both.

To a city of disregard, to a city filled with blanks.
To a city where you will, it´s just never coming back.
Track Name: John Coffey
I wake up every fucking day thinking
that something has changed.
But then, is the same shit.

The same people who hit me
with ignorance and hipocresy.
The same problems, that distract me of my way.

All this fucking things
do me think.
What is the true meaning of ``that good life´´
A life with obstacles,
with people who don´t let me be
who I really am.


I need to sleep, I need to go to my own place
A sanctuary where I can think about myself
Somewhere I can see my rise
where I can chase my final will
A lonely place
A better place.

No matter how hard is the fall
you just have to take control
now It´s time to hear the song.

A song that help us to belive.
A future without tragedy
A fucking life without this fear.

I thought I´d never see the light.
I thought I´d never rest in peace.

Never let me fall, just catch me
and never let me be like them.
You will not be my destruction
I will run away from Hell.

Poison words will never take me,
never take me away from you.