Horror Vacui

by Nebraska

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Recorded at Goldfish Studio.
Mixed and mastered by Guillermo Laorga in Madrid, Spain.

Album on Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/0yLOqb9jq1NjQG3rbEjqX1


released June 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Nebraska Madrid, Spain

Melodic Hardcore from Madrid, Spain.

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Track Name: Le Temps Détruit Tout
A feast of flowers
over my bed.
The crown is burning
over your head.

A feast of flowers
over my bed.

A feast of flowers
over my bed.
The crown is burning
once again.

A feast of flowers
over my bed.
Track Name: Horror Vacui (feat. Sito from Blind Sight)
All alone
on my own
this is a story that should be told.

I just tried to be a better man but reality
punched my fucking face
and here´s when everything turns black.

I guess the earth´s not my favourite place
I´d prefer to burn, to walk away
but I just think of yesterday.

Time promised me
he would heal my wounds
and I´m still waiting for this fool.

Watch me fucking sink
into this sea, of emptiness and apathy.
Tell me how to wish
not to be dead, to live this life without regret.

Watch me fucking sink
into my dreams, and sing with me this elegy.
Tell me how to wish
to be alive, to follow the path and survive.

I won´t regret this path I take and I´ll move on.

This is the end my lonely friend, and you should know.

I´d just like to say, tie this rope around my neck,
and let me hang.

Tie this rope around my neck
and let me hang.
Track Name: Empty Melodies
Every day, this feeling haunts me and for sure,
that I don´t know why
but I just know that it will fucking stay.

It´s like an empty melody;
crosses my heart from front to back
leaves me aside from all I ever tried to have.

But will I ever feel the warm embrace of life?
When will i ever see the cold leaving me behind?

A white rose, withers in my chest.
Tell me if it´s worth it
cause I don´t know if It´s the best.

But I guess it´s just my luck
that I was born to feel this bad
hapiness surrounds me
can I bring it back?

This is my house
But is not my home.

What if my fears have gone away
and never coming back?

Never coming back.
Track Name: Whim
Spinning in circles
my mind´s going back
to the beautiful moments
we lived in the past.

I know that I´m to blame
that it was my fault
Cause everything´s changed
and you´re not coming home.

I just want you to know
that you were not a whim at all.

I only found my hapinnes
In your arms around my chest.

I just want you to know
that you were not a whim at all.

You helped me then
but It´s different now
I wish I could turn it all around.

I remember
those moments I spent
with you by my side.

Falling in love
was not a thing
I asked for.

But that´s how it was
and how it should be.

But now, I just have to...
Yes now, I just have to move on.

Where´s the peace
that used to live inside of me?

She left with you
and condemned me to disappear.

Tell me how to put all these pieces together
cause I don´t know how to fix it now.

Tell me how to put all these pieces together
cause all I want is to take you back.
Track Name: Our First Summer
Let me scream alone:
"I'll build this on my own"
And I don't care if it's right or wrong

Let me scream alone:
"I'm tired of all this cold"
I feel the summer within my bones

I've never felt
This heat over my head
I can still see the clouds above and they just seem to swell

But well I hope
That when it all falls down
I'll have the strength to take my board and start surfing the ground

It's not my place
It's somewhere I don't know
I don't belong here

But I will fight
And promise not to cry
This kid has grown up
And now he has to stay alive

I broke the cage
I broke the chains
I broke the barriers and couldn't see his face

I broke the cage
I broke the chains
I broke myself in two and I hope this is not the end

Cause I think this is worthwhile
Even when I don't know
If someone's on the other side waiting for me to call

Let me feel this thing called sun just for once in my life
And walk away with it
Track Name: The Last Lost Winter
This is the end
And we both know
And I am just trying to make sure that I'm moving on

'Cause in this cold
I found the flame
I only wish that I could throw it all away

And after all this time
And all this pain inside my chest
(I've learned to let go and not to chase)

And I remember swimming all this distance
To finally miserably die in the shore

I know this winter means that something starts but also ends
That snow will fall and sun will rise
That I will see your eyes turn to ice

I know this winter means that something starts but also ends
That sand will wet and grass will dry
That I will see your eyes shine bright

And I'm just thinking about this life
And how it turns around without permission

So I'm not saying that I'll be happy
I swear I'm trying to find solutions
At least I think that's my conclusion

I know I'll look back to this day and that I'll only see your face and it won't mean that I miss you .

It's just the feeling of maturing that I thought I'd never feel what's telling me that I must leave

That I must leave.

The mirror is starting to freeze
The one where I used to look at my reflection

What's frozen will turn into tears
And they will spray the flowers in your soul

I felt the cold
Nebraska, my home.